Over the past 70 years many countries generated ten thousands of tons of radioactive waste as an inevitable by-product of the use of nuclear power plants and the production of nuclear weapons.

This material is highly dangerous for human health and environment!

Therefore it lies in the responsibility of all who benefitted from nuclear applications to take care of the waste which simply means:

  • Isolate the high radioactive material totally from the biosphere for 1 Mio. years!
  • Take actions now and don’t postpone the dirty business to our children or grandchildren!

The basic idea for solving the problem:
Put the material in a tight cask and bury it in a deep geological formation.

It is easy to understand that the cask plays an important role for the immobilization of the waste. The Swedish/Finnish concept foresees the metal copper as cask material. Others favourite iron and/or steel, most countries are undecided and follow the strategy: wait and see!

The basic problem seems to be unsolved:
The cask material undergoes corrosion and the waste package looses its integrity long before 1 Mio. years.

We propose an innovative, long-term safe and sustainable solution: encapsulation in ceramics!